imagine giving up only the gluten...

000072971257_optNexgrain Gluten Free Foods was born out of our love for good food.  The type of good food that fills your soul with love.  Some call it comfort food, others call it good old home cooking that reminds you of your mother’s kitchen.

After multiple family members developed a gluten sensitivity, family dinners once full of tradition and comfort had to change. The choices we had for gluten free foods were….well…terrible. The breads were chalky, the pastas were mushy, and none of these foods could be used to make anything resembling the comfort foods that we loved.

We were on a mission to find gluten free foods that we could eat as a family, but there were none to be found that were even remotely good.  We would not settle for just OK.  We wanted healthy gluten free that everyone wanted to eat, because it tasted so good you could not tell the difference.  We simply would not accept having to eat mediocre food.  We wanted spectacular food that was deliciously healthy and of course gluten free.

In the end our own recipes were developed. Recipes with only the finest organic, non-GMO ingredients, from the best farmers in the world. Recipes without the harmful emulsifiers that most gluten free products need to use just to get their ingredients to mix together.

We are proud of our products not just because they are made from the heart, but because they are the very best tasting gluten free products in the world made with the exact amount of natural ingredients…nothing more and nothing less than necessary. We have never compromised on health, taste or texture.

Nexgrain foods are healthy gluten free foods that will allow your family to cook their favorite comfort foods without sacrificing their love of food.

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Our Mission

We believe and the evidence shows, that eating gluten free is a healthier way of life.  We want to provide the world with the best tasting gluten free food … gluten free food that is so good you will not feel that you are sacrificng.

We respect your passion for food.  With Nexgrain you can eat healthy gluten free food that is absolutely delicious.

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The Gluten Free Market

Gluten Free is Big Business

By knowing the facts, you can create a new
expanding profit center for your business.

• The gluten free market is the largest growing market in the food industry.
• The Wall Street Journal Estimates the market for gluten free food at $2.6 billion/year.
• 1500 chefs participating in the National Restaurant Association’s Hottest Menu Trends are paying attention to this market.

• NRA 2013 What’s Hot Chef Survey

 #3 Healthful Kids Meals
 #5 Children’s Nutrition
 #8 Gluten Free Cuisine
 #12 Non-wheat noodles/pasta (e.g. quinoa, rice, buckwheat)
 #16 Health/nutrition

• Food Dec 3, 2012

 Package Facts claims that the market is growing “even faster than anticipated”, and is set to reach 6.5 Billion in 2017.
 18% of the population is buying gluten free according to Package Facts.
 SPINS Data reflects a 19% increase in gluten free sales Jan-Sept 2012.
 Package Facts also reported compound annual growth sales for gluten free products in the US retail market 2008-2012 is approaching 28%.
 Mintel Data shows that the number of new product launches featuring gluten free claims rose from 600 in 2007 to more than 1,600 in 2011.

• Demand for gluten free products at restaurants is growing exponentially because only 3-5% of celiac patients have been diagnosed. 95% of Celiac patients do not even know they are Celiac. With the growing awareness presently in the market, more people are expected to try gluten free due to the tremendous amount of gastrointestinal problems people are facing.

• Additionally there is a new condition being diagnosed with increased frequency: Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. It is estimated that 15-20% of the population is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitive or Gluten Intolerant.
Nation’s Restaurant News

• Online restaurant ordering service GrubHub reports that takeout orders for gluten free items grew by nearly 60% between April 2012 and May 2013.
• Women are 50% more likely to order gluten free.
• NPD consumer research firm reported that 28% of adults 18 and older are avoiding gluten.
• Nationally, according to GrubHub 4% of all takeout restaurants offer at least one gluten free item.

National Restaurant Chains that offer gluten free.

• Magiano’s Little Italy: will make 90% of their meals gluten free upon request.
• Olive Garden
• Domino’s Pizza
• P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
• Fresh Brothers
• Chuck E. Cheese’s
• Chevys Fresh Mex
• Noodles & Company
• Dunkin’ Donuts’: now offering one donut and one muffin.
• Subway: presently beta testing a gluten free bun and brownie.

Most frequently ordered gluten-free items.

1. Pizza
2. Wraps/sandwiches/Panini
3. Salad
4. Burgers
5. Pad Thai
6. Pasta
7. Bread
8. Cake

The Pasta House Co. Gluten Free Profit Center

• 28% of the population is buying gluten free in the retail markets.

• Restaurants are not capturing this market segments primarily because the gluten free products on the market available to food service have poor cooking qualities and do not match the taste and consistency of regular pasta.

• The St. Louis Population that is 18 and over is 235,447.

• 65, 925 people in your market are active gluten free customers. These potential customers, plus their families in the St. Louis area are without a good gluten free restaurant option.

• People rarely dine alone…double the active gluten free population…you have 131,850 potential customers that are making their food choices based on the quality and availability of gluten free dishes.

• Families that have one or more gluten free members find it difficult to dine in an establishment that does not offer a variety of gluten free items. On these days you are not only losing the gluten free family member…you are losing an entire family that wants to eat at your restaurant, but either cannot or will not.

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Why Gluten Free


It’s important to note that gluten-intolerant people CAN eat whole grains. In fact, as you’ll see from the list below, a large number of gluten-free grain choices are available. Most grains are gluten-free! The grains on the right are gluten-free whole

Grains with Gluten Gluten FREE Grains
Wheat, including varieties like spelt, kamut, farro and durum; and products like bulgur, semolina Amaranth
Barley Buckwheat
Rye Corn
Triticale Job’s Tears (or Hato Mugi)
Montina (Indian rice grass)
Oats** see below Oats** see below
Wild Rice

grains, when they are consumed with all of their bran, germ, and endosperm.

**Oats are inherently gluten-free, but are frequently contaminated with wheat during growing or

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