About Us

000072971257_optNexgrain Gluten Free Foods was born out of our love for good food.  The type of good food that fills your soul with love.  Some call it comfort food, others call it good old home cooking that reminds you of your mother’s kitchen.

After multiple family members developed a gluten sensitivity, family dinners once full of tradition and comfort had to change. The choices we had for gluten free foods were….well…terrible. The breads were chalky, the pastas were mushy, and none of these foods could be used to make anything resembling the comfort foods that we loved.

We were on a mission to find gluten free foods that we could eat as a family, but there were none to be found that were even remotely good.  We would not settle for just OK.  We wanted healthy gluten free that everyone wanted to eat, because it tasted so good you could not tell the difference.  We simply would not accept having to eat mediocre food.  We wanted spectacular food that was deliciously healthy and of course gluten free.

In the end our own recipes were developed. Recipes with only the finest organic, non-GMO ingredients, from the best farmers in the world. Recipes without the harmful emulsifiers that most gluten free products need to use just to get their ingredients to mix together.

We are proud of our products not just because they are made from the heart, but because they are the very best tasting gluten free products in the world made with the exact amount of natural ingredients…nothing more and nothing less than necessary. We have never compromised on health, taste or texture.

Nexgrain foods are healthy gluten free foods that will allow your family to cook their favorite comfort foods without sacrificing their love of food.