Buns to Remember


Coming Soon

We have all had terrible gluten free bread.  When our family members needed to be gluten free, one of the things they missed the most was a normal hamburger bun.  All they wanted was a regular hamburger.  At the time, all that was available was some marginal gluten free sliced bread that was just not acceptable.

It was six months of trial and error, but finally we developed a gluten free bun recipe that is excellent. To put our recipe to the test we did some market research in a chain restaurant that specializes in hamburgers.  We have very high food standards and we knew our buns were good to us, but the responses we received on our written questionnaires were more than favorable. So many people commented on the taste and texture. Our hamburger buns do not fall apart like other gluten free breads out there.  They are soft and moist and can even hold up to a juicy smoked pulled pork sandwich.
Nexgrain hamburger buns will be introduced to the market as soon as we can.  Manufacturing bread on a large scale is a different process than the pasta.  We are in the process of putting all of the pieces in place for that to happen.