Our Mission

“World Class Innovation…Best-In-Class…Gourmet Taste…Superior Quality”


We are a family run, independent, deliciously healthy, organic, non-GMO gluten free company that believes feeding the planet healthier food that tastes amazing is a must for improving humanity.

Science has shown us without exception that what we eat has an effect not only on how our bodies function but on how we feel and how we act.  We all know that unhealthy food will lead to diseases of the heart and internal organs. It has only been recently that we understand how food affects our brains…our most precious organ that is responsible for controlling the rest of our body.

Gluten can be an unhealthy food for many. Gluten has been shown to cause an immune response within the body that results in inflammation.  This inflammation is systemic and once turned on, can cause inflammation in our brains setting up an environment that can exacerbate or even accelerate brain disorders such as depression, anxiety, and dementia.

Our mission is to provide the planet with deliciously healthy gluten free food.  Foods that will enhance the performance of our bodies and our minds without sacrificing taste or texture.