Smarter Manufacturing Process

Tortellini-Pasta-production-line-000085061197_Full_optNexgrain Gluten Free Foods utilizes the most advanced gluten free manufacturing techniques.  It is well known that gluten free flours are difficult to work with.  Flours that lack gluten produces a very different texture.  The lack of gluten in bread produces a dry, crumbly dough that is dense without that fluffiness we all like.  Gluten free flours in pasta manufacturing can produce a very wet, non-elastic dough that lacks the ability to be cooked al dente. Another problem with gluten free flours is that when they are combined and mixed they have a hard time holding together.  This is one of the primary reasons that many pastas that use more than one gluten free flour need to use an emulsifier.

Emulsifiers are chemical additives that help to bind or hold two different substances together. An emulsifier added to a salad dressing helps keep the oil in suspension with the acid or vinegar.  Many companies that make gluten free pastas find that without an emulsifier, their pasta breaks apart very easily when cooked.

Most of the emulsifiers used in making gluten free pasta are mono diglycerides…and these are petroleum based products.  They are not good for the digestive system and they give pasta a terrible oily aftertaste.

We at Nexgrain have developed a smarter modern manufacturing process. We never use emulsifiers even though we combine the best gluten free flours from around the world.  We have developed an advanced method to combine gluten free flours using pressure, time, and temperature.

Nexgrain products are produced in a world class certified and dedicated gluten free facility.  We take pride in our products and have worked hard to develop recipes that taste natural and authentic.  We take care to make sure that our products have the correct texture, bite, and taste.

We only use non-GMO flours and we never use emulsifiers. We also chose the best gluten free flours from around the world.  We hand pick the very best corn, brown rice, white rice, chickpea, quinoa, black bean, red lentil, green lentil, and pea flours available.

We can combine them in many different ways and as of late we have been fortifying our recipes with vegetables such as spinach, beets and broccoli.

Simply put we are looking to be the world leaders in gluten free pasta.